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"The technician came across as knowledgeable, extremely thorough and extremely polite. There was no negative aspect from contacting me an hour prior to arriving to leaving having undertaken a thorough inspection."
Mr Ball (Revival Company Halifax customer)

The Revival Company


"After a very traumatic experience with my house being hit by lightning, your company handled the situation with true professionalism and sympathy. I had to leave the technician in my home alone to carry out the work and as this is not something I would normally allow, he was very kind and cleared up and locked up after he left, thank you for an amazing service, kind regards, Bev Page". Well done James, thank you for flying the flag for EPR and helping to make our customer service something we are so proud of. Another happy Midland Restorations UK customer!

Bev Page (Midland Restorations UK customer)

New "Power On" alert feature for drying companies 

As all drying restoration companies know, having safe useable power is an essential part of the cleanup process.
We are always listening to the needs of our clients and seeking out new innovative ways to improve our service. Following recent discussions with a new client, we have developed a simple but effective new feature into our bespoke job management system. Site technicians and office personnel now receive the following alerts:
1. Text notification when an appointment has been made for an electrician to visit site.
2. Text notification advising that the power is on and drying equipment can be installed.
3. "Power on" flag notification next to each job on the web portal.
This simple feature now keeps everyone involved on the job within the communication loop and will help them schedule their appointments to carry out works in the most efficient manner possible.
Graham Warby commented - "In surge events this will also prove to be a great benefit. With our site technicians in close contact with the power companies and policyholders, we are often the first to know when power has been reinstated to the area. Our site technicians will then simply update the job on their tablets and our clients will know where to best deploy labour and drying equipment, in the most efficient manner possible".

EPR now providing electrical support nationally to Chem-Dry UK

In October 2016 Chem-Dry UK engaged Response EPR to begin a roll out across all regions to provide electrical support to their UK's Network of franchises. 
Chem-Dry UK recognise the benefits of having in place, a one stop electrical company who understand the specific needs of the drying company, policy holder and indeed the very specialist approach needed in dealing with a fire or flood damaged property. 
Added benefits include, standardised pricing, service levels and a planned and thought out approach to deal with fluctuating volumes during surge events. 
With the service backed up by Response EPR's bespoke job management portal, Chem Dry UK also have the ability to monitor jobs appointment times, view site photographs and many other features incorporated into the EPR portal. 
Graham Warby, Response EPR's managing director commented "Having built up our reputation with numerous Chem-Dry franchises for a number of years, EPR are delighted to announce that our service has been adopted on a national scale by Chem-Dry UK. We look forward to serving our latest client and their policy holders"
For more information on our established and specialist electrical support for Disaster Restoration companies, please contact 0845 500 8486 - info@epr-callout.co.uk

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A rapid response to all your household electrical needs
A nationwide service on emergency plumbing, electrics and boiler breakdown repairs
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Providing a same day service to reinstate power, lighting systems
Restoration Company
We understand that your work can’t begin without safe usable power and lighting