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Surge event specialist, EPR, has been appointed to Zurich’s national disaster list by Chem Dry. As a member of the list, EPR can be called out to affected surge areas at any time to reinstate power to properties or install temporary power supplies so that the clean-up and drying operation can start.

EPR were appointed to the list because of their proven capability and experience of working during surge events. They understand the processes involved and can therefore supply technicians with the correct equipment at short notice.

The main challenges that occur with this type of work is how big the surge is going to be, as no one really knows until it’s happened. The team are not put off by this, they manage it by being prepared at all times.

Graham Warby, Managing Director for EPR, said: “We are delighted to have been appointed to the list. It can be a challenging time for people whose homes have been affected and we know our team has the expertise to support the clean up operation.”

In September 2013 national electricians EPR began supporting the Kier Group on their new responsive repairs contract with Grainger PLC, the UK's biggest landlord.

With 6000 properties nationwide, covering all corners of the England, Kier required a one stop national electrical solution to carry out responsive electrical repairs and upgrades to a wide variety of residential property types.

With EPR's bespoke web based job tracking system, Kier are able to appoint EPR from both Northern and Southern regional offices whilst monitoring appointments and on site times remotely. Daily downloads of jobs completed and peace of mind that the job is being taken care of are just a few of the reasons why Kier have chosen to work with EPR.

Over 500 electrical repairs have been successfully completed in just the first few months and EPR look forward to building a strong long term relationship with their new client The Kier Group.

We've moved

Wow, been a busy few months here at EPR. Our local office has now moved and can be found at 122, Culley Court, Orton Southgate, Peterborough, PE2 6WA. Our phone number remains the same 0845 500 84 86. 

Any electrical needs then give us a call. EPR - "Always there in an emergency."

Competition time!

Our new EPR van is on the road in West London. When you spot one of our EPR vans, take a photo and share on our Facebook page for your chance to win £50 M&S vouchers.

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