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Occasionally situations are discovered that are so potentially dangerous that we feel we would be... Read More...
Occasionally situations are discovered that are so potentially dangerous that we feel we would be neglecting our duty of care not to highlight to the industry and our clients what their site operatives could potentially be dealing with in the course of their daily tasks.
To explain, the picture shows a 350 Amp - 3 phase supply (a normal plug in device is between 3-13Amp) "Someone" had bypassed the electricity suppliers meter. In addition, had failed to protect the cables with the correctly rated fuse, neglected to provide a method of isolation and hadn't earthed the cables armouring correctly.
Coupled with the fact that these cables were still live, in a flooded cellar with a collapsing sub wall nearby made the situation potentially extremely dangerous to anyone working in the area.
Generally, the EPR approach is to keep the home or business owner operational and install safe usable power so our clients to begin their works. On this occasion however, the installation was both illegal and dangerous and we advised our that no further work should be carried out until the situation was rectified by the property owner.
Thankfully, more recently the industries biggest Disaster Restoration contractors now work closely with a specialist electrical company such as Response EPR who understand the very specific needs of the sector dealing with fire and flood damaged properties and these type of situations can be avoided.
We sincerely hope this post has had the intended impact and reminds site technicians and their employers of the potential electrical hazards that can lurch in a seemingly safe operational electrical system. 

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